High culture cocktails, elevating the drinking experience.


Drinkery House is a casual bar that brings the most evolved mixology to a social and fun atmosphere. We are obsessed with flavor and use locally sourced and recognizable ingredients treated with elegance. Combinatorial creativity is key to surprising with the familiar. We believe that tableware should serve the flavor and embrace an essentialist design. Space is fundamental at Drinkery House, with no physical barriers separating people, creating a democratic environment and a connection between bartenders and customers. In summary, our basic pillars merge to generate a unique momentum."


Tue-Sat 6.30pm-2.00am

Dress Code:

Smart Casual. NO flipflops, NO crocs, NO slides, NO open plastic shoes, NO clothing of sports teams or about political ideologies.

It's not allowed:

Bikes, suitcases or electric scooters.

Minimum age allowed:

16 years

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Our menu.

A way to understand liquid : SIPS

At Sips we make drinks supported, from a technical point of view, in the world of classic cocktails but without wanting to be corseted by the rules that govern this noble art. Inspired by and reconverting techniques from this same discipline, cooking and pastry, we are able to land concepts that are in our heads and palates in order to offer a unique and singular product.